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Licensing can provide brands with a highly profitable extension beyond the core business. Licensing provides many advantages that must be considered by any business contemplating expansion: the ability to expand without significant capital expenditures, provides the vehicle to expand into product categories or territories that are beyond the current organization’s core competencies, as well as providing strong financial returns due to the low expense structure required to support a licensing business. Additionally, Licensing your brand name into new product categories or geographic territories can enhance brand visibility, positioning, market reach and importance to retail partners. With all these advantages, come challenges that need to be planned for in advance of initiating a licensed business, including, brand integrity, management scalability, approval processes, quality standards and so much more. Our services include:


  • Introduction to Licensing
  • Assessment of Existing Licensed Businesses & Benchmarking
  • Licensing Strategy & Structural Alternatives
  • Licensing Business Model
  • Market / Category Prioritization
  • Potential Partner Introductions and Evaluation
  • Operating Plan Development and Implementation
  • License Buy-back - Conversion to Direct Operations
  • Licensing Organizational Design & Talent Review




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