Scott Bowman Associates
The SBA Difference


  • The depth of hands-on operating experience of the SBA leadership team
  • SBA is comprised of career operators and business leaders, not career consultants
  • The SBA team’s expertise in international markets, customs and culture
  • Our relationships with distribution partners, retailers and service providers in leading global markets
  • Our ability to support our clients every step of the way from conceptual phase all the way through implementation



Global Vision / Local Knowledge



Experience and Expertise

SBA has assembled a savvy team of executives from leading global brands and retailers. From day one, we bring to each client engagement not only a wealth of talent, but the flexibility and relevant, project-specific expertise that’s needed to meet each challenge and seize every opportunity.


Insights and Real-World Perspective

Based on an uncommon depth of operating experience, the SBA professionals provide insights and a real-world perspective that can strengthen or successfully reposition brands and retailers in today’s challenging global business environment.


Creating a Clear, Sustainable Path to Success

By understanding the changing needs and operating requirements of brands and retailers, we set our clients on a clear and sustainable path to success in this challenging business landscape. From developing a global strategy and strengthening operating platforms to acquiring independent brands or affiliated businesses, we know how to strengthen brand strategies, develop innovative and flexible business models, manage costs and capital investment and realize incremental value in a competitive environment.